William ONeal -

A photo of William ONeal, 2021

William E. ONeal III

Developer and Engineer

Dedicated developer focused on responsible implementation of modern technologies, with a passion for accessible, responsive layout, and minimal dependencies for stable, test-driven product builds.

Los Angeles, California USA



  • Semantic HTML proficient
  • ARIA-compliance proficient
  • Can insure responsiveness within a myriad of build environments
  • CSS / Sass / LESS - prefer Sass and modular CSS builds
  • Deep knowledge of a variety of JavaScript fronts

    Frameworks / Libraries / Environments

  • React: have built components for Facebook and other entities
  • Vue: have built components for Apple and other companies
  • Angular: stay familiar with Angular updates through articles & posts
  • Drupal: familiar with, can work with Drupal developers to reach goals
  • Laravel: familiar with, can work with existing developers to reach goals

    Software / Services

  • Docker
  • VS Code
  • Tower (Git management)
  • Github
  • TravisCI
  • Webpack
  • Babel


  • Have built sites, components and CMS’s with PHP
  • Familiar with and capable within Node.js
  • Ruby friendly, but mainly in passing


  • Relational databases preferred: SQL, MySQL, PostreSQL
  • Can structure and 2nd normalize table data
  • Familiar with to be dangerous with complex queries

Case Studies

A screenshot of Discover Los Angeles website

Discover Los Angeles

LA Tourism & Convention Board used a necessary migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 as an opportunity to update their design and codebase.

    Deliverables Provided:

  • Sass stylesheets
  • Atomic library of semantic HTML components
  • Twig-generated layouts
  • JavaScript map navigation module
A screenshot of Peace Through Music website

Peace Through Music

Playing for Change needed a landing page for their one-day, worldwide-streamed event, that could easily be changed and translated into other languages.

    Deliverables Provided:

  • An easily-managed page using JAMStack via Netlify
  • React modular components
  • Plain-text interface for multi-lingual word mapping
  • Maillist integration and administration


  • 2022

    • PRO Unlimited @ Apple
      Senior Frontend Developer

      Internal projects.

      Tools: Laravel, Drupal, VueJS, Twig, Tailwind

  • 2021

    • PRO Unlimited @ Apple
      Senior Frontend Developer

      Internal projects.

      Tools: Laravel, Drupal, VueJS, Twig, Tailwind

    • HyperTattoo
      VP Engineering

      Create guidelines, frameworks, and toolkit sets for test and development builds of product.

      Tools: JavaScript, React, Sass, PHP

  • 2019 - 2021

    • DealerInspire
      Senior Frontend Developer

      Support, maintain and improve feature products and toolkits.

      Tools: CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Vue, Wordpress

  • 2018 - 2019

    • Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board
      Senior Frontend Developer

      Build, test and implement components for renovated site launch, Q2 2019

      Tools: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Drupal

  • 2018

    • Codazen, LLC
      Senior Web Developer

      Create and deliver components for Facebook’s Portal platform.

      Tools: React, JavaScript, Hack, XHP, Flow, HTML, CSS

  • 2017

    • weo3 dev & design
      Contract frontend Developer

      Created and delivered solutions for various clients.

      Tools: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

    • Meredith Xcelerated Marketing
      Frontend Developer

      Refactored legacy markup and styles; built and launched new storefront components.

      Tools: HTML, CSS, Sass, Freemarker

  • 2016

    • Personal Sabbatical
      Self-enrichment, re-location to Los Angeles

  • 2013 – 2015

    • Tahoe Partners
      Senior Frontend Developer

      Responsive framework and mobile integration with SharePoint; Wordpress websites.

      Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Grunt, Node, Handlebars, Git

  • 2013

    • Art Institute of Chicago
      Frontend Developer

      Create landing pages, campaign sites and associated materials, animations, banner ads.

      Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash, Ruby on Rails, Git

    • Panduit
      Lead Frontend Developer

      Full site rebuild, using client’s custom CMS.

      Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Git

  • 2011 – 2012

    • Design Kitchen
      Frontend Developer

      Templating, creating and styling microsites for HP, Booth, and Motorola.

      Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash, Ruby, Coffee, Git

  • 2011

    • Acquity Group
      Frontend Developer

      Enriched, updated and expanded client sites.

      Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SVN