I’m no superstar, nor do I pretend to be one on screen. I eat my veggies, like to ride my bike to work, have a beer, and enjoy the sunshine with a smile. Things about me:

Obviously, you’re not a golfer.

If you’re an agent or a rep reading this and have not laughed, or are confused, please, don’t worry about contacting me, as it could very well be a waste of both our time & energy, and this particular Dude (moi) will reply by NOT responding.

You may have come here from LinkedIn, but if not, I'm right here.

I am stronger as a developer than a designer. I would like to be able to proudly state that I am a designer, because all of my cool friends are designers - however, my gifts lie in the areas of organization, clarity, and architecture. Please note though, that if you have an existing design, and need adjunct or related areas of a site built based upon those, mimicry is a definite skill of mine.

The Dude abides.

Ideation, LLC - contract front end developer :: 9.2016 - 10.2016

Helped launch LA84’s renewed website

Skills: Wordpress, CSS, JavaScript

Self-applied Sabbatical - front end research & development :: 12.2015 - 06.2016

Review and refresh mind. Discover newfound joy with Node, React, and ES2015

Skills: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (versioning up to ES2015), Node, Angular, Git

Tahoe Partners - senior front end developer :: 11.2013 - 12.2015

Responsive framework and mobile integration with SharePoint or Wordpress.

Skills: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, Node, Handlebars, Git

Art Institute of Chicago - front end developer :: 04.2013 - 08.2013

Landing pages, campaign sites and associated materials, random animations, email campaigns.

Skills: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash, Ruby on Rails, Git

Panduit – lead front end developer :: 10.2012 – 02.2013

Full site rebuild, using client’s custom CMS.

Skills: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Git

Design Kitchen – front end developer :: 10.2011 – 10.2012

Templating, creating and styling microsites for HP, Booth, and Motorola.

Skills: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash, Ruby, Coffee, Git

Acquity Group – front end developer :: 05.2011 – 10.2011

Enriched, updated and expanded the client’s current website.

Skills: HTML, CSS, jQuery, SVN

Y&R – flash animator/developer :: 06.2009 – 01.2011

Banners. Standard, rich media, encoding Flash video, with an occasional micro-site

Skills: HTML, CSS, ActionScript 3.0, GSAP, OOP, MVC

Digital Bootcamp – flash instructor :: 06.2008 - 08.2009

Taught students basic programming to advanced OOP concepts using AS 3.0

Skills: ActionScript 3.0, OOP concepts, MVC architecture

Arc Worldwide/Leo Burnett – flash developer/designer :: 01.2008 - 03.2009

Produced CDs, banners, widgets and video players for Marlboro, McDonald’s, Purina, Kellogg’s and Whirlpool

Skills: ActionScript 2.0/3.0, GSAP

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LA84 Foundation

Full website renew and launch.

Skills: Wordpress, CSS, JavaScript

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Sargent & Lundy

Full website rebuild.

Skills: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Git

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Hollister Intranet

Full intranet redesign and theme of SP2013.

Skills: HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Login protected Intranet

Tahoe Partners

Senior Front End Developer / Consultant

Responsive framework integration with various cms platforms, with a focus on SharePoint2013.

Skills: HTML, JavaScript, CSS

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Art Institute of Chicago

Campaign pages, landing pages, various side projects, email campaigns

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Flash, Git

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Dollop Coffeeshop

Transitional responsive site for temporary use. Its work is done.

Skills: HTML, Javascript, CSS, Foundation

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Was brought on board to finish and help launch. Continued maintenance/debugging.

Skills:HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, WordPress

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Built and launched full site rebuild.

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Fatwire, Oracle

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Chicago Booth - UIC

Full site rebuild. Totally beautiful.

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Foundation, Coffee, Git

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